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Youth Groups

"The Y is a lively, safe place for young people to enjoy all sorts of activities, co-ordinated by well-trained and enthusiastic staff. Listening to the voices of the young people, the Y offers opportunities to get involved, build confidence and have a good time." (Terri Cochrane, Chelmer Housing Partnership)

We hope, we pray, we breathe life into a new day,
We live for those we care for to be ok,
We go out of our way, even dreading what the doctor will say.
Sometimes we take the blame
For when the ones we love are in pain.
People stare, laugh and point, but I feel no shame,
Making these people feel better is our aim.
We come from all walks of life, we could be poor, rich, posh or of fame,
But as Young Carers we are all the same.
(poem by a Young Carer, 2011)

Young Carers Festival 2011 Young Carers
This group is aimed at young carers aged 13+, and focuses especially on the transition into adulthood. The group meets on Wednesdays from 6.00-9.00pm, and the evening normally includes dinner, organised activities, and time for socialising. The group also take part in activities such as arts & crafts, music & drama workshops, fashion and quiz nights, cooking, and plenty of educational opportunities, and a number of exciting trips out as well. We do our best to ensure that the young people have a voice in what happens within the group.
For more information, please contact Young Carers' Coordinator Amanda Maker by calling 01245 355677.

Sound Sessions Sound Sessions
The Thursday night Sound Sessions group offers young people a chance to practise their music, play in a band, learn to do mixing for a band, and also some videoing.

The session runs from 7.00-9.30pm.

Contact Craig Gough for more information by calling 01245 355677.

Soc Ack Jnr Social Acknowledgement Junior (Soc Ack)
This group is aimed at young people in school years 4-6, and runs on Tuesdays in term time from 5.30-7.30pm at the YMCA. We aim to encourage and facilitate young people to identify, develop and deliver projects that are real and important to them and the wider community. This group has been a ‘power house' of projects and ideas, and the young people have won awards for their efforts. If you can't find anything to do, come to ‘Soc Ack' and do something about it!

Y Club The Y Club
The next Year 6 & 7 Night at the YMCA takes place on Friday 27th April! Doors open at 7pm, with the disco running from 7.30-9.30pm. Entry costs £2.

This month's theme is army, feel free to come along in fancy dress!

For more information, please email Craig Gough or call 01245 355677.

Great Baddow youth Youth work in the community
To extend the work we do at Chelmsford YMCA, we offer a range of community based programmes and projects for young people. We are currently working at various times and locations and with a number of partners to further enhance the work that we do.
If you would like further information on current projects, or to explore partnership working with us, please email Craig Gough or call us on 01245 355677.