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Young Governors

Chairman of the Young Governors

Charlotte Mitchell (Chuck)
Chairman of the Young Governors

Young Governors is a group set up for the purpose of giving young people a chance to voice their own opinions and views and let them be heard. We set the age range up to the age of 19. The Young Governors aim to meet about a week before the YMCA Board meets, so they can discuss issues and then bring their views to the YMCA Board for consideration.

One of the main things that the Young Governors do is set up projects; a recent example of this being organising a two week trip to a Kenyan orphanage and children's centre in October 2010. The young people all did a variety of fundraising activities in order to raise the money needed, and the trip was a great success, with many of the young people being deeply impacted by their experiences. Another project supported by the Young Governors is our annual summer festival called YFest. We have also attended the Re-build meetings, awards evenings, and the YMCA May Ball 2011. We go to as many events or projects as we can, so we can build up a profile for the Young Governors.

We have met the Mayor of Chelmsford and the High Sheriff of Essex at a number of events at the YMCA. We also have set up group training days such as a team-building trip to ‘Go Ape' and visits to Lambourne End Activity Centre. We have also visited the Houses of Parliament, and the Arsenal Stadium for a global training day.

We have made a constitution for our Young Governors group as we feel that it can give us guidance and also a procedure or policy to follow when attending the meetings.We have also been to other YMCAs to train them in how to set up their own Young Governors group, whether it's a forum or exactly what we are trying to achieve here in Chelmsford.

For the FUTURE... We'd like to keep a high profile for the Young Governors, and keep attending the meetings and making sure that every young person's voice is heard. We feel this is very important- "Young people are the next generation, and feel the need to be heard. If you feel your views aren't being heard, please join us at Chelmsford YMCA- we will make sure your voice is always heard!"

We are currently recruiting for our Young Governors board; if you would like to join us, please fill in an application form and also have a read of our constitution, as it will give you a bigger and better idea of what we do as young people.