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Success Stories

KX Urban Day at Chelmsford YMCA

KX Urban Day On Saturday 17th December 2011, a number of professionals came into the YMCA and run free sessions for young people. It was a great day which included boxing, beat boxing, DJ workshops and loads more. Local dance crew BAMBAM BOOGIES were delivering a dance workshop which included many different elements of dancing. It was an awesome day with so much going on, check out the link below to see a video of what went on...

Chelmsford YMCA's Youth Awards 2011

Chelmsford YMCA's second Youth Awards Evening took place on Thursday 24th November 2011, and what a night it was! Young people, volunteers and staff were recognised for their efforts and the impactful work they do in and around Chelmsford. The winners were...

Young Person of the Year- Michael Massey
The Volunteer & Participation Award- Sonya Witcomb
Youth Project of the Year- Soc Ack Jnr
Inspirational Role Model- Josh Benfield
"Priceless" Volunteer Award- Natalie Mason
"The Golden Plunger" Award- Luke Turner
Achievement in Youth Work- Mike Humphrey
Inspiration Award- Audrey Noden
Worker Recognition-  Ben Gibbons

Nine Positive Progression Awards were handed out during the evening to young people who have made notable progress during the past year. The mum of one of the winners, Bayley Sullivan, came up to say how amazing the YMCA's work is and how it has impacted her son, and how proud she was of him for achieving this award.